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For Enived, it is customer satisfaction first and then all other
things come next. In addition, our global buying power and exclusive
relationships with the world’s best travel providers enables us to
give you competitive travel deals as well as offer our lowest airfare

In Enived Travels Ltd, we don’t just sell tickets to you, if needed,
we also render specialised advice on business, education, and
whatsoever you are going to do outside the country and how to maximize
your travelling experience.

Our travel advisors are ready to help you today with everything you need to travel—as well as those things you may have not considered. We know how to take care of all of your travel arrangements. Enived Travel Agency staff always puts knowledge to work, paying attention to every travel detail.

Customer Oriented

Enived Travels Ltd is a registered company in Nigeria, which exists
primarily to provide bespoke customer-oriented travel services and
solutions to our existing and prospective clientele.

Highly Committed

We are considered the ‘go-to’ experts when it comes to travels as we are highly committed to providing you with great and soothing experience, no
matter what.

Experienced Experts

Our success stems from our experienced airfare experts and associates,
in and outside Nigeria, who are passionate about giving the best value
you desire, for the price you want.


Fast & Reliable

We currently operate a computerized reservation system with the power to access scheduling information for hundreds of air carriers around the world, around the clock.


Affordable Rates

The ability to find the lowest fares available at the time your reservations are made, as well as the ability to suggest alternatives to your itinerary that would result in a lower rare.


Let’s Become Your Travel Agent!

At all times, we are readily available to provide you with services ranging from flights ticket purchase, Dubai visa procurement, general visa advisory services to tours, hotel reservations, airport pick and drop in the UK, US, Dubai and more.


Let’s Discuss Travel Matas

Join Our Travel Matas Forum, where we discuss different typical issues that  borders on human trafficking, Entrepreneurship, flights ticket purchase, Dubai visa procurement, general visa advisory services to tours, hotel reservations, airport pick and drop in the UK, US, Dubai and more.


The Land is Green is an initiative of Enived Travels Limited
that campaigns about the need for youths to look inward and find the greatness within to affect our world than endanger our lives by road going abroad in search of a seemingly greener pasture,  the need for parents not to fill discouraged and frustrated about the way things are going and send their children abroad to search for seemingly greener pasture thereby been abused or loss the sense of human dignity—dignity  is not money related but impact motivated

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Enived Tours

Here at Enived Travel Agency, we know how hard it can be deciding where to go and what to do on your holidays. A tour is the perfect way to take the guesswork out of planning your next vacation.

Why Use Enived Travel Agency?

Planning a trip today can be confusing and time consuming. Enived travel agency will not only arrange the various modes of transportation, but also may be able to save you money with early booking discounts, special fares, hotel deals and travel advisories. Join our February 14th 2018 Cruise to paradise tour to Dubai today!

Enjoy This Love Season In Dubai
Feb. 14th 2018.